How is programming done?

To do this, I concentrate physical, or earth energy, in my body, at the same time accumulate astral energy through the chakra system (this combination gives great power to the mental thought form or program I put into the amulet). When the two energies are sufficiently accumulated, I set up a telepathic connection with the Alchemy, Reiki and Celtic Magic egregors and one of the alchemy portals (this depends on the specificity of the program). I created a form of thoughts that fit the client's wishes and put it in an orgone energy amulet. This programmed amulet retains its strength as long as it exists - it does not require recharging or purification. It neutralizes negative and destructive effects from the environment, strongly activates the flow of energy through the body, activates the chakras. But its main role or mission is to fulfill the task for which it is programmed.

Please indicate your programming preferences in the notes when ordering. I recommend programming each amulet for only 1 need for maximum effectiveness. If the programs are compatible, I can put more than one. Possible programming options: 

Spiritual growth,

Chakra activation,


Wealth, money,

EMF protection,




For personalized programming, I will need about a minute long video where you tell me your desires. This will help me read your vibrations and establish a telepathic connection with you during programming.

If you have any questions about programming, please contact me: