I am an esotericist, healer, alchemist, Master - druid (Celtic magic), spiritual teacher, Voodoo practitioner (Asogwe - Bokor) ... I live in a small country in the European Union. Since childhood, my passion is art, colors, crystals, nature and esoteric. For 5 years I studied art and design, I developed my artistic skills and craftsmanship skills. However, I have always wanted to understand the meaning of life and I always knew that one day it will happen. After many years of reflection, philosophical search and many, many failures (it seemed to me then), I accidentally saw orgonite. It fascinated me so much and I realized that I need it! But the one that I have made for my own hands, in which I put my energy. So became my first orgonite and started a powerful spiritual growth. Only in half a year my life changed completely. I found my spiritual teacher, I became Reiki Master, after while Alchemy Master, Mental energy Master, Spiritual Master and Celtic / Druid Magic Master and even voodoo bokor asogwe. I started to remember my previous lives and what I really am and what I want and need. I got answers to my most important questions, my life became easy, harmonious, safe and absolutely beautiful! My spiritual path is still going on and my energy is growing day by day. Now I am a Reiki and Tibetan magic teacher. I continuously continue to learn and grow in the field of esoteric. I am happy that I can share these wonderful an powerful things with others as well. I do what I love and I love what I do :)

When you buy one of my products, you are not just buying jewelry or a beautiful decorative pyramid for your home, you are buying a very serious esoteric item where my knowledge and skills in esotericism have been invested to maximize your quality of life. I continue to deepen my knowledge and my amulets are getting stronger every year. Thanks to my knowledge of alchemy, the amulets I create do not lose their power over time - as long as they exist.

My goal is to help people with my amulets and talismans. We all deserve a beautiful and fulfilling life, but sometimes there is need for a small magic impulse to achieve it. There is no need to be afraid of magic, it is neither evil nor bad, it all depends on who is holding the tool.

Inese Eke

* All my certificates can be authenticated by contacting the school where they were issued - Grandmaster Reiki Academy