* Currently PayPal or bank transfer is main payment methods.

* Please indicate your programming preferences in the notes when ordering or send me a message. I recommend programming each amulet for only 1 need for maximum effectiveness. Possible programming options: Spiritual growth, Chakra activation, Harmony, Wealth, Money attraction, EMF protection, Health, Protection, Love, Etc.  For personalized programming, I will need about a minute long video where you tell me your desires.

* I make orgonites myself, so I make orgonites in about 1-3 weeks and then send them. If there are a lot of orders, it can take a little more time, but no more than 1 month. Please keep that in mind. If production time is very important to you, please contact me before making an order.

* The Estimated delivery time in USA, Canada - 7-14, Europe 5-7, Asia 10-20 business days (global processes can affect delivery speeds).

* I am sending with International Mailing service from Latvia (EU). All shipments are registered and tracked. If you have any questions regarding the shipping, please contact me. 

* Free shipping to all orders and to all countries.

* If for some reason the package is returned, you will be charged for the re-delivery. The cost will be calculated according to the weight of the package.