Effective: 07/08/2021

High Alchemy complies the requirements of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 in Latvia. Your personal data is safe with us!  

High Alchemy provides you with the best user experience. Our goal is to inform you as clearly as possible about how and why we use your personal information. We obtain information about you from various sources. Some of the information may be personal information that may be used to identify you (your name, surname, email address, telephone number, or home address).

By using our website to purchase goods or services, you acknowledge that you understand the Privacy Policy and agree to follow it.  High Alchemy has the right to make changes at any time and they are published on the website www.high-alchemy.com. Please read it before re-purchasing. 

Privacy policy explains how High Alchemy handles your personal data when you use our website services. This Policy gives you information about what information we collect, how we use it and protect it. The policy applies to all types of personal data processing from high-alchemy.com. Details of your data protection are summarized below.

Collection and use of personal data

High Alchemy collects information about you to provide even better service and user experience. We retain responsibility for data processing and the importance of confidentiality. High Alchemy collects private data that is necessary for you to achieve the goal of purchasing goods, services or get information. When making a purchase, the submission of personal data is mandatory, because without it you cannot make a purchase.

Getting information

You provide us with personal information (name, surname; phone number; email; address where to deliver goods or services) by logging in to a account on our website, by calling or sending an email. Your personal data is automatically anonymized after the order is completed (delivery, cancellation or return).

High Alchemy uses cookies (small files stored in the browser of your computer) to ensure the functionality of the site, remember your wishes for purchase and advertising; as well as to obtain statistics on traffic, number, and timing of page visitors, and to improve performance on the site.

Enabled cookies will provide you with better experience and convenience of use, not necessary for basic site functions. Deleting saved cookies is possible in your device's web browser settings section by deleting the saved cookie history.

High Alchemy can only receive personal information about you as a user of the site from you personally and only if you use the site services (order registration by contacting customer service support, feedback on purchase or service or email).

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