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from Reiki, Alchemy, Voodoo and Druidic Magic Master

About my magical amulets, charms and talismans

I am a Reiki, Ancient Tibetan magic Master and teacher, Alchemy, Druidic (Celtic) magic and Spiritual Master ( you can see my certificates in my portfolio), Voodoo practitioner (Asogwe - Bokor). I practiced healing with energies and made very powerful alchemy talismans and amulets. All my talismans and amulets are handmade by me with love. Each amulet is special for me, so I work with each with care and love. I specifically program each amulet before sending. In programming process I combine my knowledge of Reiki with Alchemy and the Druid magic to make my amulets maximally strong. Such programmed amulet do not require recharging, cleaning or reprogramming. They serve forever like magical artifacts.

If you want personalized programming, please write me when making an order and send me small a few seconds video where I can see your face and hear your voice. Tell me your name and programming wishes. This will help me tune in to your vibrations during programming.