real magical artifacts
from Reiki and Alchemy and Druidic Magic Master and Reiki teacher

About my orgonites and magical amulets

I am a Reiki, Alchemy, Ancient Tibetan magic, Druidic (Celtic) magic and Spiritual Master. Reiki and Ancient Tibetan magic teacher. I practiced healing with energies and made very powerful alchemy talismans and amulets. All my talismans and amulets are handmade by me. Each amulet is special for me, so I work with each with care and love. I specifically program each amulet before sending. In programming process I combine my knowledge of Reiki with Alchemy and the Druid magic to make my amulets maximally strong. Such programmed amulet does not require recharging, cleaning or reprogramming. They serve forever like magical artifacts.

My amulets contain carefully selected minerals which not only cleanse your environment of negative energy, but also give the positive impact on your well-being, business, relationships and health. All minerals are cleaned and positively charged, to give the best results. I am using the highest quality materials to create highest quality amulets which are made just for you. Each amulet is uniquely crafted and programmed for the thing which are needed for you to insure the satisfaction from your side. 

Programming means turning an object into an amulet or mascot. The programming is performed by a master who belongs to one of the great egregors of esoterics and is able to work with energies. It is a very serious and complicated esoteric practice that requires a lot of mental strength from the master. The higher the level of master in esotericism and the greater its mental power, the stronger the amulet. The program itself is a mental and astral formation that is attached to the subject. The program cannot exist for a long time without physical attachment, so it is embedded in crystals, metal or any other object. A program created by a strong master in such a subject lasts forever as long as this subject exists. The program has no mind, it does not think and does not make decisions. The program does what the master has told it to do during programming. The simpler the program, the stronger it works. The program affects only the energy field of living beings and actively operates within this field in accordance with its purpose. The purpose of the program is to accomplish the task assigned to it by the master.

If you want personalized programming, please write me when making an order and send me small a few seconds video where I can see your face and hear your voice. Tell me your name and programming wishes. This will help me tune in to your vibrations during programming.